How many elephants is that?
February 16th, 2010 by neil

I have received a little bit of press coverage for my book How Big is BIG? Below is the article from the Kingborough Chronicle

How many elephants is that?

How many elephants is that?

How many elephants is that?
Kids ask the toughest questions. Local author Neil Smith answers many of them, in terms kids themselves can understand.

For instance: do you know how big a volcano is? In elephants as well as metric?

First time author Neil Smith delves into these and other fascinating topics in How Big is Big?, his new children’s book which he has designedto appeal across a wide age group, from four to fourteen.

Written and illustrated by Neil, How Big is Big? uses a fun and factual question and answer format to cover some seriously big facts about relative size – us, our planet, and beyond. Measurements are given in not only metric but also elephants!

A Tasmanian Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate with a keen interest in all things scientific, Neil has worked in a variety of creative design areas for almost two decades. As a father of two primary school age children, Neil finds he is well tuned into the questioning world of kids and has tailored his book to provide some interesting (and sometimes quirky) answers.

The book takes children on a journey of discovery through the eyes of three young friends (who just happen to be elephants). “There are lots of facts along the way that kids can learn, Neil says. It’s all about keeping it simple.”


“Explaining big concepts, like the size of outer space, oceans or volcanoes can be hard to picture,” he said. “But children know elephants are big, and so using them as an ‘added’ measurement of size is a fun and easy way to visualise and relate to the facts. It can help to move from an often large abstract idea to something concrete and more mentally manageable.”

Neil has also designed a fantastic interactive How BIG is BIG? website for children (as well as parents and teachers) to enjoy. Packed with extra information and links to other relevant sites, there are interesting worksheets and colouring-in downloads too.

For further information Neil can be contacted at e: neil@labkonstrukt.com m: 0414599376 and visit the website: www.howbigisbig.com.au

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